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Thermal Printing models


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Efficient production

  • SP6600/6300 can automatically mark and cut various types of tubes and produce different kinds of cable marker sleeves effectively, as you need.

PC-link function

  • Bundled software "CTKPCMS for Windows" enables you to:
    Manage multiple marker list data for different projects, etc. efficiently.
  • Utilize Windows' TrueType fonts in your PC for marking native characters, etc.
    Print Code 39 barcodes.

Stand-alone use

  • Optional keyboard allows stand-alone operation through menu screen on the LCD.

The following video is introducing operation of Hotmarker SP-series by using an older model SP6600.
The basic functions of the latest model are identical with those shown in the video.

Basic specification

Model SP6600
Applications Tubes Outside Diameter 2.0 - 28.0 mm
Laid-flat width: 3.2 - 45.0 mm
Marker Labels (adhesive label for device identifications)
Marker Plates (terminal ID board)
DIMENSIONS W440 x D280 x H305mm
Weight 12.5 kgs