M-3 models

Hand-held type M-3N

Compact and Light Weight

  • It can be carried with you anywhere, and is suitable for marking work on facilities maintenance, or installation of switchboards etc at the jobsite.

Easy operation for anyone

  • Just rotate wheels to select characters.
  • Up to 7-digit marking is possible and you can easily change wheel arrangement.
  • Marking is done directly on wire jackets, tubing, Marker Labels, etc.

Optional Accessories available for various marking application

  • When equipped with optional devices (various style of characters, jigs etc), one unit of this tool can comply with various marking requirements.

Portable bench type B200M-FC

Easy Operation -- Just Prepare plain tubings & B200M-FC

  • Set your desired text (Max. 8 digits) on the machine.
  • Just press down the handle for marking.
  • The machine hot-stamps plain tubings.

Efficient Production -- Automatic material feeding & cutting unit available

  • Possible to feed tubes of OD 3-7mm & Marker Labels (long type) and automatically cut into pieces, either partially or completely. Detachable material feeding & cutting units enable easier marking on large diameter tubes (Max. 35mm OD), Marker Labels & Marker Plates (MP-95-25 only).

Compact bench-top design

  • Useful for electrical-related industries either mass production or on-site service.

Basic specification

Model Hand-held type M-3N Portable bench type B200M-FC
Character size 2.4H×2.4Wmm
Character pitch 3.5mm 3.0mm
Number of digits 7-Digit 8-Digit
Measurement about 280mm(Tool length) W290 × D290 × H325mm
W375 × D285 × H120mm(Carrying case)
Tool weight 0.85Kg(Main unit only) 11.5Kg